Selling finished, or under construction. Sorry, no mint restored stock classics, antiques. There are other great auctions for them. KKOA wants only Hotrods and Kustoms, and under construction projects! Also, any American made car or truck, old or kool, complete, rolling on (4) wheels, that could be hotrod or kustom built.

Pre-1969 Traditional & Post 1970 – 1980 new concept Custom Style

All registrations subject to approval by the KKOA.

Inventory will be listed and added to starting July 10th!
Get yours listed early for the most advertising time!

The 2019 KKOA Spectacular Auto Auction
When: Friday July 26th, 2019 12:30 pm
Where: Sale held at Salina Auto Auction,
2845 Centennial Road, Salina, KS

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Bidder & Buyer’s commonly asked questions

What does “offered without reserve” mean?

  • “Offered without reserve” or “No reserve” means the vehicles are going to sell to the highest bidder regardless of the price reached during the auction. You can bid with confidence: the highest bidder will leave with the vehicle.

What happens if the reserve price is not reached on an item?

  • The vehicle is still available, and the auction staff can help you negotiate an acceptable purchase price after it has crossed the auction block.

When Do I pay for my purchase?

  • Payment may be made immediately after purchase in office.
  • All payments must be made on auction day. Special exceptions may be arranged through office for a bank wire the following day. Your purchase will not leave the premises until payment is made. The auction will not be responsible for any damages at anytime. The liability of the vehicle is the sole responsibility of the owner.

How do I pay for my purchase?

  • CASH

What fees do I pay, in addition to my bid?

  • Bid amount + 5% Commission ($200 MINIMUMN) 
  • Sub-Total + Sales Tax (Kansas Residence Only) = Total

Do I have to pay sales tax, if I am an “out of state” buyer?

  • Not on sale day, but you will pay sales tax in your home state when you register your purchase.

If I am a Dealer, do I have to pay tax?

  • Dealers are not required to pay sales tax to the auction on their purchases. In order to purchase a vehicle as a dealer, you must provide documentation. Acceptable proof is as follows:
    1. Copy of a current Dealer license.
    2. Without this proof, we must charge applicable sales tax.

Seller’s Commonly Asked questions:

Does the title have to be in my name to consign a vehicle?

  • Yes, unless you are a licensed dealer or authorized agent.

Can I drive my car to the auction early?

  • Yes, we start accepting early arrivals on Thursday. Since your vehicle is pre-registered we recommend Friday arrival for the 12:30 pm sale time.
  • Be prepared to show the location of your VIN plate. We must verify the VIN plate and number. By Law, your vehicle cannot be sold without a VIN plate.

Do I have to be there when my car sells?

  • We encourage either the consignor or their representative to be with the vehicle when going over the auction block. Bidders like the assurance of seeing the seller in person.

What’s the benefit of selling a car with NO RESERVE?

  • No reserve attracts serious bidders by letting prospective buyers know the car will definitely sell. It generates auction-block excitement, which typically equates to higher bids. Cars sold at no reserve also have their registration fee waived.

How will I be paid when my vehicle sells?

  • Your payment will be mailed out as soon as all paper work is finalized and processed, including buyer payment received. Salina Auto Auction takes pride in our customer service and this should only take 7 days after the auction at most.

Will my car be driven outside the auction area?

  • No, the cars are not driven except to line them up and to drive across the auction block.

Can I drive my car over the auction block?

  • Yes, you may, although we typically supply a driver for you.

Can I bring and display items with my car?

  • Yes, we encourage such things as documentation and awards to be displayed. Anything which will help the vehicle bring its full potential price.

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