KKOA Seller Information and Registration


Selling finished, or under construction.  Sorry, no mint restored stock classics, antiques.
 There are other great auctions for them.  KKOA wants only Hotrods and Kustoms, and under construction projects!  Also, any American made car or truck, old or kool, complete, rolling on (4) wheels, that could be hotrod or kustom built.

Pre-1969 Traditional & Post 1970 – 1980 new concept Custom Style

All registrations subject to approval by the KKOA.

Inventory will be listed and added to starting July 9th!
Get yours listed early for the most advertising time!

When:  Friday, July, 26th 2019 at 12:30 PM
Where: Held at Salina Auto Auction, 2845 Centennial Rd., Salina, KS 67401


  1. Kustom Kemps of America, Inc. (referred to as KKOA) and Salina Auto Auction, Inc (referred to as SAA) pays auctioneers, provides advertising, sale facility, clerks, cashiers and necessary sales help. This is an exclusive contract until 7 days after the sale date.
  2. Fees: First 40 vehicle registrations Free!  Sign up Fast! $50 for each vehicle registration (Prime lots: #1 thru #40 available for $50)
  3. Seller Fee will be 5% of selling price or a minimum of $200, whichever is greater.
  4. Title: Seller warrants he is sole and only owner and has right to sell vehicle and has clear title. Title must be in Auction Company’s possession upon check-in at auction site. A photocopy of vehicle title should be sent when entry fee are mailed to auction office.
  5. Photos: Photos provided may be used in advertising and promotion of sale. Uploaded photos with this contract will be posted on our web site.
  6. Insurance: Seller agrees that Kustom Kemps of America, Inc. and Salina Auto Auction, Inc. assumes no liability for loss or damage to the vehicle, and Seller agrees to save the KKOA and SAA, their agents and their employees harmless from any claims for bodily injury or property arising out of said auction sale. Seller to maintain insurance until consignor receives sale proceeds. Risk or loss is with consignor, including fire, theft, and damage.
  7. Terms of Sale: Kustom Kemps of America, Inc. and Salina Auto Auction, Inc. shall not be responsible for the failure of any bidders to consummate their purchases or otherwise comply with the terms and conditions of the sale. The sale shall be null and void if payment in full is not received. The Auction shall do all in its power to collect good funds before releasing said vehicle. If Seller sues KKOA and SAA, but does not obtain judgment, Seller shall reimburse KKOA and SAA expenses for defense.
  8. Terms of Sale: If payment is not made the day of sale, Auction will do everything in its power to collect payment within 24 hours from successful bidder. Auction shall hold, at seller’s request, for a period not longer than 24 hours, any such vehicle for which purchaser has been the successful bidder, for satisfactory payment. If purchaser has not indicated to auction his intention to complete the purchase within 24 hours from time of sale, auction shall release vehicle to seller, shall be held harmless, having acted in good faith on behalf of seller. Vehicle title will be held in trust by auction until purchaser’s method of payment is completed and satisfactory to auction, then title will be given to purchaser at the time payment is made to seller. Should a “NO-Sale” occur, titles may be returned to consigner with same time schedule as if sale had occurred (on or about 14 days). Seller hereby acknowledges that successful purchaser must pay 5% buyer fee in addition to the purchase price. Successful seller will be paid within 14 days.
  9. Consignor has represented the authenticity, history and condition of the consigned vehicle as indicated hereinbefore. Consignor warrants to auction that such representations are true and agree to pay the full commission earned from the sale of such vehicle if any sale made hereunder is not completed due to buyer rejecting the vehicle because of any misrepresentation by consignor.
  10. All guarantees are between buyer and seller and in no event shall Salina Auto Auction Company be responsible for seller’s guarantees or warranties, including applicable smog equipment, and mileage statements

Contact Salina Auto Auction with questions. Samantha, Dwight, Dana, Ryan 785-827-8784

Steps to include your vehicle:

  1. Complete the registration form and submit.
  2. Next upload your pictures.
  3. Preview all of your information and pictures and make changes, if needed.
  4. Submit and then it will be reviewed for approval – all vehicles approved with photo by KKOA.
  5. After approval vehicle will be listed on TWO Websites!  KustomKempsofAmerica.com and SalinaAutoAuction.com.
  6. Upon approval you will then submit your registration payment. A Salina Auto Auction representative will contact you for confirmation and payment.
  7. An email will be sent to you after step 4 to make changes at any time.  After submitting your changes it will be reviewed for approval.  Check your spam folder for the email.

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